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Luis da Silva

Executive – Managing Director

"The glass is neither half full nor half empty, its refillable!"

Luis holds Electrical Engineering and MBA degrees from Wits. He has been with Healthbridge since its inception in 2000.

He considers it a privilege to lead a business that provides innovative solutions that make a difference in South Africa’s Healthcare. An example of this is Healthbridge’s latest cloud-based offering that helps doctors run good businesses and provide better care.


When not in the office
Luis enjoys spending time with his busy family and is a marathon and ultra-marathon runner.


Peter Volavsek

Executive – Value Selling 

"Technology is a means, but not the end, to the efficient and effective delivery of all sorts of services that touch our lives."

Before Peter joined Healthbridge, he co-owned and -managed a labour broking business for 8 years and was also MD of an Internet start-up. In his time at Healthbridge he has filled various positions, and has been a part of the Executive Team since 2006, in roles from client services, to operations, to business unit head. Currently he is the Executive – Value Selling, responsible for selling, on-boarding, supporting and optimising Healthbridge’s varied value offerings through teams located across South Africa.


When not in the office
Peter enjoys keeping abreast of business news. Outside of that you might catch him with a good bottle of red wine and the odd game of poker. Although usually more a spectator of sports, he enjoys mountain biking and canoeing over weekends with his family.


Paul Hendey

Executive - Value Enabling

"Magic happens when Trusted Relationships, Unique Business Insights and Digital come together, to deliver Value"

Paul joined a (then) start-up company called Healthbridge in October 2000. 17 years on, and Paul continues to help to develop a business founded on core values, one that sustainably provides value to our important healthcare industry. Paul works with a team of smart, engaged, professionals who are united in their passion to help shape a better healthcare future for SA. As an executive he is acutely aware of both the privilege and responsibility in helping to lead the orange-blooded tribe called Healthbridge.


When not in the office
Paul loves spending quality time with his family and friends. He enjoys craziness with his children, red wine with his wife, and golf with his friends. Paul is married to his beautiful wife, Heather (14 years+). Together they are privileged to shape, and be shaped by, their three beautiful children - 2 ‘boysie’ boys, and a precious little angel girl.


Ivone Veiga-Moroldo

Executive – Marketing and Product Success

"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

Ivone has spent the past 16 years working for Nando’s Chickenland, Electrolux Large Appliances and Healthbridge; primarily engaged in marketing and product management. Today at Healthbridge she continues to oversee the product management teams to ensure that across the board, value is experienced by clients through Healthbridge’s service offerings and that the organisation continuously delivers to its brand promise – Healthbridge is committed to the business of a doctors practice freeing them up to focus on their patients.


When not in the office
Ivone’s greatest happiness in life is that she gets to be both mom and a career woman. She loves the fact that she can come to work every day and make a difference to our very important South African healthcare industry; and then in the evenings she gets to spend time with her beautiful and energetic toddler. Besides spending time with family, Ivone loves travelling to old beautiful European cities as well as staying healthy with some pilates on the side.


Neelesh Sitlu


"Always light a candle rather than complain about the darkness."

Neelesh has a B.Sc Computer Science degree from the University of Natal and has 15 years of experience in dealing with medical professionals and practice management applications. He is credited with transforming his own software development company - Infosys Software Solutions - into a success. He has been given orange blood via an acquisition of Infosys and now oversees the development and implementation of bureau services and technology within Healthbridge.


When not in the office
Neelesh is a practicing Buddhist and follows a strict daily meditation schedule. He is an avid squash player and likes to relax with a good bout of online gaming and a glass or 2 of his favourite whiskey....


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