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Optometrists, like other medical practitioners, have to juggle between time spent on caring for their patients and time spent on running their business. Our priority has always been to ensure that our Optometrist run sound businesses through the products and services we provide.


More than 1600 Optometrists trust us with their business

We pioneered real-time claim processing for Optometrists. Our leading real time fully processed claim gives immediate line-by-line responses of what the medical aids will and won’t pay for. Empowering you to discuss payment options with patients.


Exciting new innovation - Benefit Checker for Optometrists 

Our sights are now firmly set on the future as we look for new ways to better serve our Optometry clients.
The Benefit Checker app allows you to check for patient benefits online. No more having to spend hours on the phone, waiting to confirm patient benefits.


  • You get an immediate and detailed response for all patients on Discovery and Iso Leso administered schemes
  • And you can print this response to give to your patients
  • More schemes to follow in 2016


Here's what Optometrists are saying about this service

  • "I love using Benefit Checker." - Erica, Spec-savers Parys
  • "I enjoy using this service, it is very easy to use" - Abbi, Vision Works Nicolway



Join over 850 medical practitioners that already enjoy using Benefit Checker.



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Optometrists can now check for patient benefits online. No more spending hours on the phone.



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