Medical practitioners

The challenge facing medical practitioners today is how to juggle the time spent on managing a thriving business and treating patients.

We have made it our business to understand how we can better serve and support medical practitioners unique business needs. We deliver to over 5 000 clients ranging from the family GP’s, Dentists, Optometrist, Specialists and Axillary providers, to larger group practices like Medicross and Intercare.

This trust is in part due to our proven and stable product - immediate claim processing – which we pioneered in the early 2000s. Since then we have broadened our offering to help with many more areas of the practice.

What do medical practitioners get from the full Healthbridge suite?

What is in it for you?

  • Improved bottom-line

  • A partner who helps your business thrive

  • Happier engaged staff

  • More time to focus on your patients

What is in it for your staff?

  • Easier practice administration

  • Dedicated support from your Client Specialists

  • More time with fewer calls to medical aids & patients

  • Reduction in claim rejections

What is in it for your patients?

  • A better overall efficiency for patients

  • No unexpected billing surprises

  • SMS reminders to settle outstanding balances

  • Convenient payment options


Delivering on our promises:

The most obvious value I’ve seen has been the increase in what comes into our bank statements each month.
Dr Pillay
I would never leave Healthbridge – in fact, I am waiting for the company to start offering shares, which I would definitely buy into
Dr NM Jugmohan
Our Client Specialist, Asogaren has also been so hands on. He got my practice up and running in such a short time that I didn’t even feel my business skip a beat.
Dr IM Shaikh

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