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reduce your bad debt through good processes
Your reduction in bad debt has been calculated at:

Reduce your bad debt

The longer you wait to collect from patients the harder it becomes. Healthbridge enables you to know within seconds what the medical aid will pay and why. This allows you to invoice patients straight after the consultation for any amount that the medical aid won’t pay for.

increase number of patient visits per day with decreased admin
Your available appointment time will increase by:

1 visit(s)
Increase your patient visits

The Business Insights reports allows you to analyse your patient schedule and assists you in optimising your time.

increase revenue by billing the correct rates
Your billing revenue has been calculated at an increase of:

Increase revenue with optimised billing

Our online practice management services helps you to get paid the correct rates per scheme and ensures that all consumables and minor procedures are billed for.

collect sooner from patients by reducing debtors days
Your debtor days will decrease by:

7 days
Collect sooner from patients

The sooner you send your claims and invoice patients, the sooner you will get paid. Healthbridge sends your claims directly to the medical aid for payment in the very next cheque run resulting in better payment. Furthermore, patients who are invoiced before they leave the practice are more likely to pay.

reduce calls to medical aids by reducing claim queries
Your calls to medical aids will reduce by:

Reduce calls to medical aids

Knowing that your claim has been received and processed will reduce time consuming and costly follow up calls with medical aids. Healthbridge guarantees delivery of claims and each claim can be tracked with a unique claim reference number; keeping you in the loop as to the status of your claim.

reduce calls to patients by reducing follow up on payments
Your calls to patients will reduce by:

Reduce follow-up with patients

Chasing patients for money is inevitable, especially when benefits start running out. With Healthbridge’s fully processed claim response, you can bill patients straight after their consultation. By getting patients to pay you whilst they are still in your rooms means less follow-up calls to them later on.

projected annual revenue increase

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