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The most obvious value I’ve seen has been the increase in what comes into our bank statements each month.
Dr Pillay | 3204774
I would never leave Healthbridge – in fact, I am waiting for the company to start offering shares, which I would definitely buy into.
Dr NM Jugmohan | 1470124
Our Client Specialist, Asogaren has also been so hands on. He got my practice up and running in such a short time that I didn’t even feel my business skip a beat.
Dr IM Shaikh 
Thank you so much for the work done for me. I am very happy and relieved as I am finally getting paid for the services I rendered.
Dr Phitela | 0323829 
The diary functionality with built in benefit checks works great and saves us time. A patient commented on receiving a SMS reminding them about their appointment and was very impressed with this service.
Dr Smith | 1527312 
3 months have flown past in the wink of an eye. It has been an amazing experience for me; swift, efficient, with the lowest level of rejections ever in my practice!
Dr Ditodi | 1460323 
We enjoy submitting claims via the tablet application, it takes minimal time and it is easy to follow up on. The SMS service to patients to inform them of outstanding balances is also very effective.
Dr Smith | 1527312
With Healthbridge’s extensive training programmes and dedicated client support structure, claim-processing is now as easy as ABC.
Dr Sibiya 
Calling the medical aid after I have just sent a claim has become such a pleasure. As a result of Healthbridge’s extensive and well-structured network, the medical aid knows immediately to which claim I am referring to and its corresponding issue.
Elize Hendricks of Dr Christie | 3204243
We have seen a significant reduction in the amount of phone calls we have to make to patients to tell them what they owe.

Angel & Nelisile of Dr Nteta | 1201565




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