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Make life simple with myMPS

myMPS makes it easier and more rewarding for private medical professionals to run good businesses and offer a better patient experience. myMPS utilises world-class and cloud-based billing and clinical practice managament software that can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet or computer.


myMPS also comes with a Dr App that enables the doctor at the practice to:

Send billing instructions straight from your tablet with prepopulated templates
Schedule repeat follow up visits. An SMS will automatically be sent to the patient reminding them to book their follow up
Create easy to print sick notes for your patients

While other administration, such as calendar appointments, automated patient benefit checks and automated reconciliations, are managed from an integrated online system by staff in the front office.

Here's what some of our clients had to say:

  • The diary functionality with built in benefit checks works great and saves us time. A patient commented on receiving a SMS reminding them about their appointment and was very impressed with this service’- Dr Smith | 1527312
  • 3 months have flown past in the wink of an eye. It has been an amazing experience for me; swift, efficient, with the lowest level of rejections ever in my practice!” Dr Ditodi | 1460323
  • I am technologically challenged but this is much easier than I thought.” Dr Tsogang | 0157589

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  • Run the business side of your practice from anywhere

    Access your business anytime, from any internet connected device - phone, tablet or computer. With cloud-based technology, software updates are seamless- no more interruptions as they happen in the background

  • Get paid faster for better cash flow

    With up-to-date network pricing and easy to use claiming templates, you can send claims instantly with minimal rejection rates.

  • Go paperless

    Spend less time with yellow files and admin by managing patient visit history, pathology reports, clinical notes and so much more, electronically.

  •  Help when you need it

    Support beyond the standard expectation. If you need help, we have skilled consultants that can give you advice on your unique practice requirements.

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With a smart system that helps to streamline your processes to build a healthy practice- you can now place all your focus on what’s important- your practice.

Features that help your practice thrive


Automated benefit checks

All patients checked into the virtual waiting room will have an automated benefit check generated. This check will let you know if the patient is still part of the medical aid and if they have funds available.

Easy billing

Ensure your billing instructions are captured quickly and correctly with the tablet app that allows you to capture the diagnosis, consults, procedures, consumables and dispensed medicines.

Optimised claiming

Claims are optimised through prepopulated visit templates and favourites that have the correct diagnosis, consults, procedures, consumables and dispensed medicines.


Know what admin needs attention with an email inbox that contains all tasks that need to be actioned.

Automated reconciliations

Have your claims automatically reconciled, saving you hours of precious time.


See how your practice is performing at a glance with comprehensive practice performance reports that include end-of-day and month-end reports to name a few.

Premium service

Enjoy premium service with the attention of a Client Specialist who will help you to drive business results.

Vacation assistance

Should your admin staff go on leave, just let us know and we will take over the admin for you so you can continue to receive the money you have earned.

Cloud technology

Access your data from any device, anywhere in the world. Plus, no more data backup required as all your data is stored securely in the cloud. And receive any system updates without any down-time impact to your practice.


Online calendar

Check your patients into a patient online calendar as they arrive. The patients will reflect in the virtual waiting room on the doctor’s tablet where the doctor can then easily access the patient’s past appointment information such as past diagnosis, pathology results, and prescriptions. Doctors will also know how busy their waiting room is, so they can schedule their time accordingly.

Patient visit history

Access your patients' clinical notes, allergies, diagnosis, pathology results, scripts and sick notes during patient consultation.

Sick notes & prescriptions

Print or email sick notes and prescriptions.

Automated appointment reminders

Manage patient appointments (chronic/follow up appointments) with automated patient appointment SMS reminders.

Online pathology reports

All your Ampath and Lancet pathology reports are available electronically on With integrated SMS functionality, you can easily let patients know if a follow-up consultation is required or not.

HealthID integration

Ensure your billing instructions are captured quickly and correctly with the tablet app that allows you to capture the diagnosis, consults, procedures, consumables and dispensed medicines.


Customise and print referral letters for your patients.

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